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poem of the week: cracked
November 10, 2013, 4:24 pm
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This is a fairly new piece that came from a writing exercise that uses pictures to inspire poetry. I was drawn to a picture of 2 eggs and this is what moved through me. I performed this at an open mic recently, but as I typed it today, it changed a bit. I’m at peace with my poems shifting until they feel done…

(C) 2013 by margaux delotte-bennett

my sanity is fragile
like the shell of an egg
with a crack in it

the secrets
dramas & dreams
scrambled just below the surface

and if I’m not handled
your grip will crush me
force me to ooze between
your fingers

I am not hard boiled
or pickled
the sunny side is
seldom up

I spin smoothly on my side
circling the pitfalls & missteps
of others
that could leave me splattered
nothing more than a wet stain
on the unassuming sidewalk
of this life
scattered bits of me
speckling the passing pavement

like the shell of an egg
with a crack in it
my sanity is fragile
I am letting you know
because I must
be handled with care


poem of the week: you are better off
October 19, 2012, 2:56 pm
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you are better off
(C) 2012 by margaux delotte-bennett

the chatter in your head is music to your ears
radio off to better hear
the wordplay
psycho babble

you pose questions
a lot
a lot
ponder what if
what next

and sometimes you try
to disappear inside your mind
where worries about the shape of your belly
the texture of your hair
disappear with the fear
of being forgotten

the radio would make those thoughts burn holes in your dreams
you are much better off with the silence
it seems

but music has always allowed
your soul to transcend
this space and time

turntables adorn your alters
and spirit filled musky rooms
define your peace
is it the release?
is it the sweat?
is it the debt paid
by hours of missed sleep
leaving no time to retreat into destructive thoughts?

when arms and heads are thrown back
whatever lack
might have been perceived
is questioned
as your body does things often mentioned but not seen
legs strongly show that they are more than just lean

but we were talking of your mind and times when surround sound
must be turned down
to hear yourself
at those times your spirit does the opposite of shrink

from within and out
you beam
you are much better off with the silence
it seems

poem of the week: a found piece
December 29, 2011, 12:11 am
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so i finished a new poem this week, but i decided to post an older poem that i actually can’t remember writing…

though i am a social worker informed by my poetry, i don’t have many pieces that bring my worlds together. here is one that does just that.

he wants to know
(c) 2007 by margaux delotte-bennett

living room floor scattered with magazines
construction paper
sitting in a circle making collages about family
trying to help an 8 year old talk about all he is going through
all that he has to contend with to survive

can i ask you a question” he asks
sure” i respond
what are some of the problems that your family has to go through?

a quick intake of breath, by mom
a cupped mouth giggle, by sis
an almost inaudible sorry escapes his lips and downcast eyes

i know that he just wants me to make him feel normal
i know he just needs to know that his family is not broken beyond repair
i know that he wants to be sure that he’ll make it to my age and size.

i can’t promise him all that,
but i can start to show him that all families have challenges
and most challenges have multiple solutions
and most solutions are inside our minds

i’m supposed to be here
in this time and place
sitting on this living room floor
scattered with magazines
construction paper
tools to deconstruct and reconstruct
a new definition of family
that can help this young man

napowrimo challenge: 25 of 30
April 25, 2011, 8:52 pm
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untitled #42511
(c) 2011 by margaux delotte-bennett

where do you put them?
all those lies that you are fed about your worth?
the questions about why you are here,
your value and your purpose?
where do you put the belief that you are anything less than golden?

how do you stand tall
under the burden of being

why do you rise from bed
when everything is trying to
convince you to stay put
under the covers

who pushes you forward
when everyone
everything seems to
conspire to hold you back?

i hope the answer is you.

napowrimo challenge: 24 of 30
April 24, 2011, 9:47 pm
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while silent
© 2011 by margaux delotte-bennett

beside        legs

napowrimo challenge: 21 of 30
April 22, 2011, 8:27 pm
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for today’s writing exercise i tried my hand at a Persian poetic form called a ghazal. couplets, repeating phrases and a tendancy towards longing… here goes!

releasing fear
(c) 2011 by margaux delotte-bennett

tentative steps become giant leaps when one is releasing fear
a heart hungry for comfort seldom sleeps when one is releasing fear

gripping firmly on terror can cause ashen hands to cramp
relaxing one’s grip causes fingers to slip through moments releasing fear.

sight is limited by what is now known, though possibilities always abound
timidity aside, eyes quicken to spy a new vision releasing fear

as children we seldon knew worry; and horror slowdanced with delight
as the years run by, when did our childish eyes become consumed with releasing fear?

i stand at the ready, hands clear, eyes steady with no interest in living in dread
because living requires trust and courage, dear margaux, and pure joy in releasing fear.

napowrimo challenge: 16-18 of 30
April 21, 2011, 12:50 am
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to be honest, i hit a bit of a dry spell during these days because i left my poetry book at work and i ran around during the weekend. here is a piece i revisited and revised during those days…

for those
(c) 2011 by margaux delotte-bennett

for those
currently wrapped up in sadness
heavy hearts
eyes puffed and sore from crying out pain
chipping through the facade of
i’m ok
everything’s fine
this too shall pass

when the rhetoric fails
and the chocolate’s all gone
and it’s a bit harder to get out of bed

know that without motion
it all remains

the little good and the lots of bad
the sinking feeling
the gaping hole

staying in the funk
is never a good choice
so tread
until you can swim
until you can fly
up and out of “this”
because i assure that “that”
is so much better.