Black & Kinky Amongst Brown Waves

how are you feeling…?
December 7, 2010, 12:22 am
Filed under: mental health, self reflection

feeling comfort © 2005 by margaux delotte-bennett

remember when all you needed to feel comfort
was a finger in your mouth
and others playing with your ear
these small gestures could
envelope us in calm
and evaporate the wrong
like moment gone by
seconds sure to fly around and land into a clock
once again

and if it still hurt
or made us cry
a well-place kiss
a tender touch
a knowing glance
could start us on the road to so much better

now these days
sadness can follow us and stay
and no amount of fingers
and kisses
and glances
can console

have our woes become more complicated
or has simplicity run away
with our imaginary friends
and the thirst to run in circles for hours?

hours spent feeling didn’t reduce us to tears
unless they were wrapped around
sticks and stones and biting words

hours spent feeling didn’t have a price tag
or a prescription attached to them
or a comfy chair in an uncomfortable room

hours spent feeling were the only option
because being out of touch
or denying, suppressing, magnifying
what was
wouldn’t do
because we saw things for what they were
shades of grey weren’t explained away in books
and looks weren’t all knowing
unless they came from someone who said
i love you
and really meant it

hours spent feeling were just that
time consumed by responding to life
in all its many forms, textures
our bodies and our minds could only be molded into now
because yesterday was old and
tomorrow was scary because you couldn’t see it
like the monsters under the bed, but
you knew they were there

and soon
moments became days
and counselors
took on the roles of our friends
medicines became our modern day candy
and time
our only captor and comfort
comfort and curse
curse and cure


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