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napowrimo, 1 of 30
April 2, 2018, 12:06 am
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it’s been quiet here in my own personal blogosphere.  I have been writing from time to time, but not much. this is “my” month, national poetry writing month (napowrimo) and i love seeing what i create when i take time to daily focus on my craft.

and so the adventure begins!


© 2018 by margaux delotte-bennett

does craving my taste
on your lips
make me
some kind of

savoring self
where love aligns.





when this month began…
September 19, 2017, 8:58 pm
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when your sister/friend decides to not only marry a person, but a small island nation as well, you need to be there to witness and support the re/union. here are the 34 (easy!) steps that one might take to do just that…

1. get on a plane to SC to meet your sweetheart/ travel companion.

2. the next day, go with said sweetheart/ travel companion to the airport and fly to Haiti via Atlanta. 

3. look with wonder at the miracle of flight and the privilege to take a holiday… 

4. but try not to take yourselves too seriously.

5. walk through the Port au Prince airport with determination, but next time don’t be so determined that you walk past your brother-in-love waiting for you inside. 

6. start falling in love with the brightly painted taxis with too many people in them.

7. they sure are colorful.

8. look with wonder at the hills and all of the houses on those hills.

9. always more hills and more houses.

10. stand on the roof of your posh hotel to enjoy the view.

11.always more more hills and more more houses.

13. enjoy some of the street art in Petionville.

14. try to understand how so many things can be balanced in baskets and sold from one’s head.

15. enjoy the strong coffee…

16. and the ingenious to go cup.

17. find a green space to sit and marvel at the city. find out what the local equivalent of a dandelion looks and smells like.

19. drink fresh cherry juice at a local fast food chain. love it with all your heart.

20. make you way up the hill from Petionville to Kenscoff. marvel at how the drive up reminds you of the roads leading up to your grandparents’ house in Mavis Bank, Jamaica. be excited about your sister/friend’s celebration… photo by ada

21. but not too excited, because you have to put your fashion face to good use. photo by ada

photo by ada

23. make new friends and celebrate, despite the rain, and because of all the yummy tastes and musical sounds

24. the day after the beautiful reception, marvel at how the painted signs remind you of Ghana, so many miles away.

25.  enjoy more public art

26. drive with your new friend Isaac to la plague public (the public beach) because you can’t conceive of visiting an island and not enjoying the beach.

27.  see one of the many markets along the way.

28. enjoy your first glimpse of the sea.

29. notice that the lady in front only has one foot on the taxi and her cell phone in her hand. strive to be as cool and unbothered as her.

30. take stock that this is the first of the seven seas that you plan to visit together.

31. enjoy the rocky paradise.

32. juggle rocks like a champ.

33. love the Haitian flag a little bit more.

photo by isaac

34. give thanks for your sister/friend of 28 years that made this adventure possible. congratulations to the Philippe family. to love, because of love, and with love. Always and in all ways.


’tis the season…
December 24, 2016, 12:31 am
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i love the holidays…
because we often make time to connect and reconnect with friends & family.  i have had some great friend dates over the last 2 days and i have scheduled more before the coming of the new year. i’m looking forward to the quality time but also the wonderful hugs because i know some people who give great hugs! touch is so vital and for many it can be scarce.  i found this article moving and true.  the article helped to inform this poem that i started about a week ago, but never finished.  it may still be unfinished, but at a place where it can be shared.

getting touchy
(c) 2016 by margaux delotte-bennett
you intuitively touched all the places where I feel shame
my hairy chin
my never flat belly
up my sides and down my back
soft with excess
your hands knew these areas more intimately than I do

dancing to
caressing from
at times making me want to run

I try to see me as you did
feel the me under your fingertips
no longer tense, but supple
no longer wrong, now perfect
no longer hidden in plain sight

it’s with fright that I realize
this shame was studied
well learned
earned from years of gazing upon
photoshopped curves and complexions
imperfections erased

but the fine lines of my stretch marks became your map
as you traced
the path to love without reservation
acceptance without clause

it’s what this body

reminders are always
well placed
well served


p.s. i had a conversation, that led to a poem, that led to this visual collaboration with a friend.  i meant to share it before, but there is no time like the present! -MDB


december is about reflection and renewal
December 20, 2015, 12:42 pm
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I was at a birthday brunch this weekend and someone said that they were looking forward to some reflection and renewal in the coming weeks. something inside of me said, “hooray! those are the words i’ve been searching for in this time of catching up, connecting, ordering and being still.” I hope that your holiday season is full of what you need, but that deep reflection and renewal are included for you and yours.

this poem is based on a true story and seems to fall under the ‘reflection’ category.  our dreams can teach us so much if we are able to tap into their magic…

be well!


dream lessons while sleep talking
© 2015 by margaux delotte-bennett

you are haunting me in my dreams
the one I used to love

this morning I had to resist
joining lips to lips
the hushed and hungry whisper I once knew
and listened for
implored me for a kiss

one with the perfect pressure
that even my bones remember
cellular memory
elemental desire

I said no

I was firm

and once again
you wanted to know

why I could not give you what you desired
when you requested it

it was always about you
I see that now
I should have seen it then

and even my dream self knew my no
was a lie
denying what I used to
cellular desire
elemental memory

wants and needs are seldom

your dream self wrote
something in the palm of my hand
closed it tight
I still don’t know what it was
or could be

yet as I awaken
my hand is open

it is open
like my heart
to new possibilities
that no longer
revolve around

from the other side of my moon
October 14, 2014, 6:29 am
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from the other side of my moon
(C) 2014 by margaux delotte-bennett

there is a cavern in my heart so still
that nothing can be said or done to fill

the yawning space that glistens with tears
reverently tended by me for too many years

I sit with the emptiness of lonely nights
and days of laughter tinged with fright

hoping the best of days have not all but passed
and mine is the heart quietly discarded for last

this weekend reminded me…
September 24, 2014, 12:37 am
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i was honored to participate in a beautiful wedding this past weekend and i am reading the divine secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood by rebecca wells.  spending time laughing and reconnecting with some amazing women reminded me of what i know to be true about friendship…

gathered in her name
© 2014 by margaux delotte-bennett

I have known the friendship of women

blood clot thick with devotion
sticky sweet and crusted over with care
a molded and sweaty mess of protection
runny nosed undivided attention

these are, “no time for pretty ribbons and lace” unions
companionship rites that query, “where do you need me to stash the body?”
Serious assertions of, “I can pee on them if you want me to “ love
led by legions
standing on feet rooted
beyond this space
way before and eons past this time

the friendship of women seldom comes easy
but what for the female bodied ever does?

there are sticks and pointed stones
broken hearts and howling moans
and tears
always a waterfall of tears
in euphoria and despair
and all that lies betwixt and between

some navigate this terrain with their kin
while others, like me, strike out to discovers sisterhood
in the star shine and shadows
because of and against the odds

I have seen women save lives
with a well placed hand on a heaving chest

women putting out fires
in boarded up houses
at dangerous intersections
in alleys splattered with blood

women sowing peace
with a pot of this
a pan of that
and don’t forget
a measured pinch and a squeeze

the woman
who truly knows the friendship of women
has steps ordered
and often checked
for their right direction
and their unapologetic audacity
to carry on.

a poem: intentions
February 25, 2014, 11:10 pm
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© 2014 by margaux delotte-bennett

I have never
broken a glass

like I have never
broken a heart

don’t know
if that is a testament
to my temperament
or my fear

things shattered with
are offensive

the clean up
more exhaustive

and the feelings
take so much longer
to fade

who really has time

for all that