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poem of the week: cracked
November 10, 2013, 4:24 pm
Filed under: mental health, performance

This is a fairly new piece that came from a writing exercise that uses pictures to inspire poetry. I was drawn to a picture of 2 eggs and this is what moved through me. I performed this at an open mic recently, but as I typed it today, it changed a bit. I’m at peace with my poems shifting until they feel done…

(C) 2013 by margaux delotte-bennett

my sanity is fragile
like the shell of an egg
with a crack in it

the secrets
dramas & dreams
scrambled just below the surface

and if I’m not handled
your grip will crush me
force me to ooze between
your fingers

I am not hard boiled
or pickled
the sunny side is
seldom up

I spin smoothly on my side
circling the pitfalls & missteps
of others
that could leave me splattered
nothing more than a wet stain
on the unassuming sidewalk
of this life
scattered bits of me
speckling the passing pavement

like the shell of an egg
with a crack in it
my sanity is fragile
I am letting you know
because I must
be handled with care


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“the sunny side is
seldom up…”
these lines & the last stanza?

your vulnerability is appreciated;
you will not regret it.
sending you lots of light
to complete your week.

hugs & kisses.
~j. 🙂

Comment by j.

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