Black & Kinky Amongst Brown Waves

Performance Reviews

On Wild Women Theatre’s Four Women

“Wild Women Theatre Company’s Four Women has done just that and, in the process, they have created a piece that is not only entertaining but captures the black woman’s experience.  All of the material, including pieces like “30 Something Black Girl Blues” [written by margaux delotte-bennett] and “On Blackness” are of the highest quality.”
-MD Theatre Guide

“Ultimately however, Four Women finds its strength in the more subtle and personal moments throughout the night found in the solo performances of several monologue and dance pieces. Margaux Delotte-Bennett provides some especially moving and poignant performances in pieces such as Aunt Sara Baartman and Never-Ending Poem.”
-DC Theatre Scene

Employing multiple storytelling modes, from satirical sketches and spoken word to dance and singing, the four talented actresses present a refreshing show. Margaux Delotte-Bennett delivers some of the more memorable soliloquies–one as Sarah Baartman, one clad in a black hoodie–with elegance.
-Washington City Paper

“These women truly bared their souls, and left the personal reflection up to you… The four artists involved (Jade Andwele, Margaux Delotte-Bennett, Farah Lawal, and Clarissa McKithen) are extremely passionate about their art and ethnicity.”
-DC Metro Theatre Arts


On The Saartjie Project’s Deconstructing the Myth of the Booty

“Margaux Delotte-Bennett brought her soothing and comforting-yet sensual voice to many of the scenes, and because of this, I found myself waiting for her next entrance on stage. Delotte-Bennett was bright and inviting on stage… [she showed] …commitment and warmth…”
-DC Theatre Scene

“The eclectic cast of women, representing various body types and skin tones, moves effortlessly from one vignette to another, with Margaux Deloitte-Bennett’s rich voice providing the sensual soundtrack throughout.”
-Black Girl Hollywood Report


On margaux delotte-bennett’s one woman show, Black & Kinky Amongst Brown Waves

“Black and Kinky Amongst Brown Waves hits a wonderful stride as soon as Margaux Belotte-Bennett takes the stage and starts her story, inspired by a seven month sojourn to India as part of a work project at Gallaudet University… Margaux establishes immediate rapport with the audience with her easy manner and genuine approach in each segment of the story… Her lyrical poetry comes from the heart… As a story about seeking a sense of placement and identity, Black and Kinky has depth and a universal appeal with sights, sounds, aromas and images that will linger with you long after the Festival is over.”
-DC Theatre Scene

“A story of self discovery, a story of self love, and mainly a travel dictionary of one Black women’s journey to India for six months. And life isn’t all Eat, Pray, Love for Black women abroad. Between natives staring at her hair, men fondling her on buses, and everyone denying the fact that she was American, only, African; Margaux still found the time to write poems and give back to country that humbled her.”
-Clutch Magazine

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