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poem of the week: you are better off
October 19, 2012, 2:56 pm
Filed under: mental health

you are better off
(C) 2012 by margaux delotte-bennett

the chatter in your head is music to your ears
radio off to better hear
the wordplay
psycho babble

you pose questions
a lot
a lot
ponder what if
what next

and sometimes you try
to disappear inside your mind
where worries about the shape of your belly
the texture of your hair
disappear with the fear
of being forgotten

the radio would make those thoughts burn holes in your dreams
you are much better off with the silence
it seems

but music has always allowed
your soul to transcend
this space and time

turntables adorn your alters
and spirit filled musky rooms
define your peace
is it the release?
is it the sweat?
is it the debt paid
by hours of missed sleep
leaving no time to retreat into destructive thoughts?

when arms and heads are thrown back
whatever lack
might have been perceived
is questioned
as your body does things often mentioned but not seen
legs strongly show that they are more than just lean

but we were talking of your mind and times when surround sound
must be turned down
to hear yourself
at those times your spirit does the opposite of shrink

from within and out
you beam
you are much better off with the silence
it seems


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