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poem of the week: a found piece
December 29, 2011, 12:11 am
Filed under: mental health

so i finished a new poem this week, but i decided to post an older poem that i actually can’t remember writing…

though i am a social worker informed by my poetry, i don’t have many pieces that bring my worlds together. here is one that does just that.

he wants to know
(c) 2007 by margaux delotte-bennett

living room floor scattered with magazines
construction paper
sitting in a circle making collages about family
trying to help an 8 year old talk about all he is going through
all that he has to contend with to survive

can i ask you a question” he asks
sure” i respond
what are some of the problems that your family has to go through?

a quick intake of breath, by mom
a cupped mouth giggle, by sis
an almost inaudible sorry escapes his lips and downcast eyes

i know that he just wants me to make him feel normal
i know he just needs to know that his family is not broken beyond repair
i know that he wants to be sure that he’ll make it to my age and size.

i can’t promise him all that,
but i can start to show him that all families have challenges
and most challenges have multiple solutions
and most solutions are inside our minds

i’m supposed to be here
in this time and place
sitting on this living room floor
scattered with magazines
construction paper
tools to deconstruct and reconstruct
a new definition of family
that can help this young man


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This poem gave me chills.

Comment by Rose

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