Black & Kinky Amongst Brown Waves

napowrimo, 25 of 30
April 26, 2017, 10:52 pm
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eight ways of looking at intimacy
(c) 2017 by margaux delotte-bennett

i talk with you in my head
and you answer me via text.
i laugh because i always know that it’s you.

on the phone you complained your knee
was in terrible pain.
i was calling from the emergency room
with a ruptured patella tendon in my left knee.

we used to have a two person book club.
light on the book, but heavy on the club
as we talked and laughed
and talked some more.

our artist dates always lead to
deeper creativity.
carving out time and
sharing space helps
our artistry thrive.

you come to my house
and claim space in my bed. i have
an extra room
but you would feel like you were
exiled in the sticks.

having tea parties
for hours
is just something we do.
we don’t see each other much
but maximize the time were given.

your yarn and wool creations
can be found scattered
throughout my house.
Here a heart, a scarf over there
a starfish on top of a crate.

when i or someone i know
is in need of prayer,
you are the first person i call.
your petitions always seem to
resolve it all.


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