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so sally seems
February 28, 2017, 10:48 pm
Filed under: women

trying to get a post up before the end of this short month where we celebrate black history and presidents and groundhogs…

there have been a series of recent articles on Sally Hemings; this one and this one give some great food for thought. both articles helped to inspire the piece below as i pondered agency and history and memory…  last year I also participated in a wonderful project that used Sally Hemings as the catalyst for art making.  More on that project can be found here and there is a lovely zine that can be purchased through the link.

sending you peace…


so Sally seems…
© 2017 by margaux delotte-bennett

can you be mistress
and property?

possess your sex
when you don’t possess
your life?

can your “relationship”
be elicit
when it sustains
orders your steps
forces knees to part
without consent?

can his-story ever be righted
when written
with blood filled pen across pale skin?

can sin become sacred
when historians
re-imagine the condition
you’re in?

so Sally seems
in distorted dreams…


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