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happy 2016!
January 1, 2016, 7:44 pm
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i woke up on this first day of the year wanting to taste freedom; i guess i was craving independence.  i decided that i needed to make my first pot of soup joumou/ pumpkin soup; a dish that celebrates Haitian Independence, celebrated each January 1st.  you can learn all about it and find the recipe here (i made the veggie version, delicious!).  but i must confess that i’m also a little troubled that the food that was denied before independence became a symbolic stable post independence.  i want liberation to taste new, not just like what you denied me before… there is probably a lot about the folklore that i don’t understand, but these are the questions that danced on my tongue along with the scotch bonnet pepper. i hope that this first day of 2016 brings you the taste of freedom, independence and liberation that you crave, in big and small ways.

to see myself by danielle boodoo-fortune
(to see myself by danielle boodoo-fortune’)

my mermaid year
© 2015 by margaux delotte-bennett

“I must be a mermaid… I have no fear of depths, and a great fear of shallow living.” – Anais Nin

this must be my mermaid year

a fantasy widely known
intermittently believed
linking land and sea

I too
stand at the crossroads
intimately knowing how salt water
uniquely kisses my flesh
puts my pieces back together
smoothed over and misted
like beach glass

though 40 does not seem

no crashing waves of responsibilities
just steady waters
cooling trade winds
feeling rooted and settled
and here

but yet and still
I no longer want to be
out in the depths
bobbing up and around
under blinding skies

I have a siren song that yearns to be sung
just under my skin
in the depth of my womb
shimmering like the water’s surface

a song not of destruction
or misfortune
guiding ships
off of cliffs

but no less drawing in
a calling too
capturing attention
eyes and ears
both feasting

my treasures are blindingly precious
picked with a beachcomber’s
patience and precision
watchful steps
always scanning
ever hopeful

so much has been thrown overboard
no longer of service
or use

so much has been carried away
on the sea breeze
in the stormy gale force winds
forever caught in the ebb and flow

I find myself in this moment
heart bare and vulnerable
flippers flexed and shell adorned
for the next voyage

out at sea

Sea Snail Mermaid by Renee Nault
(sea snail mermaid by renee nault)


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Beautiful! Keep your eye out for a package washing up on your shores. . .

Comment by M&M

Yippee! How exciting!

Comment by kinkywaves

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