Black & Kinky Amongst Brown Waves

happy birthday to me!
October 17, 2015, 9:18 am
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i turned 40 on october 8th.
i’m still processing it all, though i really have no choice but to accept and appreciate it.
I decided that i needed to be in Thailand to celebrate me and my advancing years.
Here is the setting for the following poem.

Kai Bae Beach

mind beach / beach mind combing
© 2015 by margaux delotte-bennett

I find it nearly impossible
to think limiting
destructive or petty thoughts
when waves are lapping at the corners of my mind
and sun is toasting
my eyelids

the salt water of the sea cleanses the crevices
and cracks in my mind

brine winnowing down to essence
preserving only those notions
still serving the vision and reality
the awareness of divinity

this is my pilgrimage

my returning to reason and source
lying in supplication
on sand
in water

my life an offering of thanksgiving
left on the shore

Afternoon strollBirthday sunsetbirthday me


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Happy birthday! You are an inspiration. (and you look gorgeous in that yellow crocheted top!)

Comment by mh

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