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As the year ends…
December 30, 2014, 9:57 am
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Earlier this year I wrote a piece about the Nigerian school girls who are missing due to Boko Haram violence in the Chibok region. When Wild Women Theatre premiered my poem in July as a part of Letters To and From Me, I had hoped my piece would feel dated/ old news/ no longer a current event. Sadly, it is still ‘news’ and that hurts me deeply. Here is a recent commentary posted about the situation:

what a nightmare…

wishing for more safety and security in 2015.
The lives of the victims and their families are not forgotten…

#bringbackourgirls (our stolen daughters)
© 2014, by margaux delotte-bennett

the girls, they are missing
the good ones
the ones we made sacrifices for
the ones for which we scraped together school fees
stitching our hopes into their uniform hems
that we drop inch by inch as they grow

the girls, they are missing
not just 1 or 2
but scores of girls
the ones you said would be our futures
girls who are and will be leaders
in our villages
in our cities
because they can read, write and recite
what is next for all of us

how much millet
can little hands really grind?
just how many cum stained trousers
can she wash?
how much can her little hands really
jerk and excite
punch and scratch
push through the nightmare
reserved for girls who are missing?

will her high pitched, school girl screams
haunt you
as they haunt me
through the headlines
the updates and the pleas

the girls, they are missing
in Nigeria
in DC
in New York, Georgia, Maryland and Florida
the states where large numbers of black girls
go missing

in Johannesburg
in New Delhi
in Juarez
the girls, they are missing

she is little for a reason
her burdens should not be
bigger than her
but too often they are

the girls, they are missing
their childhoods
their freedom
their lives

<p><a href=”″>Act4BringBackOurGirls: Why They Matter</a> from <a href=””>Act4Accountability</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


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