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The little I can do (a new poem)
November 27, 2014, 12:49 am
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When the world does not make sense and hearts are broken, poets can provide some solace through the storm. This may still be a work in progress, but it is what I have at this moment and what I need to say to me and to you…


#blacklivesmatter (regardless of time and space)
(C) 2014 by margaux delotte-bennett

10 years on this planet
raised by parents that strive to give her voice
watching the legal system fail us once again
she wonders at our collective wondering

“why did they bother doing this?
we already know what was going to happen
i’m only 10 years old and i could see this coming!”

my heart can not handle her candor
my heart can not handle her truth

as a human rights activist
i have been schooled in
death camps
killing with impunity

why am i seeing this on the TV
in cities and towns i’ve visited
around the corner from where some folks worship?

violations of order and peace
are supposed to happen over there
to them
because their governments don’t respect the rule of law
or the rights and responsibilities due to all

this america has no moral high ground to stand on
we have fallen from our pedestal
constructed on stolen land
with broken promises
and deferred dreams

babies have yet to emerge from this womb
but i have mothered and nurtured
and done without so that others can have
i have given and sustained life
and it pains me to think
how cheaply it can still be
bought and sold
quickly from warmth, rendered cold
proverbial candle dimmed and snuffed
before the light could reach out
banishing the darkness beyond

i wish i had a swan song
for each mother living a gun violence statistic
gasping for breath
or a hint of sanity
or a promise of justice
in these troubled times

but all i have are these few lines
and more hope than can/ should fill my chest

i choose love
for my friends with boy children
squeezing them a little tighter this evening
hoping to never see them on the evening news

i choose love
for my friends with girl children
who doubt they will make it to 16 and still be sweet
because life is a bitter pill
when you are massacred in the streets
left to bloat in the sun
and it is still your fault
that you are dead

i choose love
because hate will make me into
the monsters we a fighting
and fear ties up hands
and tongues
and time

i choose love
because it is powerful enough
to look bullshit in the face
and call it out by its name

it is honest enough to dismantle systems
crippled by racism
misguided by hate
steeped in institutional terror

love is patient enough to
tell the precocious girl child
that she is wrong
because another world is possible
and her help is essential
in making it real
in my lifetime
and in her waking dreams


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