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June 13, 2014, 5:57 pm
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things have been a little quiet here on my blog… but actually quite active in my personal life.  I frequently think about posting here, but carving out the time to do so is often a challenge.

even so, my creative life has been very rich these days and here are some of the highlights:

in January i went to Ghana with a rag tag group of beautiful folks and i’m still processing the trip.  the poem and pictures shared at the bottom of this email are from that adventure.  i am currently reading Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’ Americanah and it helped me to finally finish this morning the poem that i started months ago…

my theater group, Wild Women Theatre, created a new piece for the 2014 Capital Fringe Festival and we are in the midst of a robust rehearsal process.  Letters To and From Me opens July 12th, 2014! We are also doing a fundraiser for the show and details for that campaign can be found here. I created the video, so make sure you check it out.

I completed the 30 poems in 30 days challenge in April, but I have not had the time to type up all that new poetry. It might need to wait until after our successful Fringe Festival run, but we shall see.

i hope that you are taking time and making space for your creative endeavors!



© 2014 by margaux delotte-bennett

not unlike the sun blanched
vulture picked
remains of a Serengeti kill
there are parts of Ghana that look as ravaged
reminiscent of hollowed ribcages
upturned towards the sun
like fingers whittled from bone
praying silently for mercy

there are areas that puzzle the mind
remind the heart that there was once vitality here
but now
the eye only feasts on
scarred urban landscapes
bushes blooming with plastic bag flowers
struggle laden survival
etched on proud faces

even out on the plains
life is never taken passively
it must be tracked
so that the pack
can continue to flourish

colonialism produced excellent hunters and marksmen
the greener pastures of Africa
skinned for their bounty of gems
strong flesh
limitless cultural nourishment for the body and spirit

independence fought for and
pushed onto
handicapped nation states
power drunk politicians
laughing their way to the world bank
singular and plural

The land near to Accra’s beaches is dying.
Erosion due to structural neglect
waterways choked by raw sewage
saving landscapes is less important than
saving lives

but art is still produced
clothing designed
wood carved
children dancing in the dust
as goats wander past the
skins of their kin
laid out in clusters
being dried for
export quality drums

cast iron tubs filled with scotch bonnet peppers
weaving through Accra’s traffic
causes one to ponder if
peppers plentiful in Ghana
also made their way to the Caribbean
in the trans atlantic trade in flesh?

were seeds tucked into braids?
were peppers simply brought onboard
to spice the shipmates’ gruel?
is spice the reason we venture from home
in our longing
and in our lust?

questions and screams that are silenced
turn to stones in the mouth
weighing down
bashing the language of horror into
yes miss
no master
haloo, haloo, Halloo!

do not come here for rest.
do not come here for relaxation.
do not come here for service.
do not come here for peace.

Ghana is not here to give you anything.

She has given and given and given through the ages
and now wants to know
what is it
you bring

Ghana cultural performanceGhana fishing boatsGhana bananas


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