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poem of the week: common knowledge
October 1, 2013, 12:08 am
Filed under: DC life

the writing prompt was to make a list of 10 things you would love to say, but don’t have the nerve. We were then instructed to write a piece based on one or more of those sentences. here is my rant of the week…


common knowledge
© 2013 by margaux delotte-bennett

it is sometimes
easier to find
a black man
in the neighborhood park
outside of the government housing complex
at the cross town bus stop

than to find him
heading a household
leading a movement of any context
cause or stripe
standing up and speaking out
for what is right

has this life and this country
fooled him into doubting his role and
his worth?

has it so effectively kicked his ass
that he is resigned to sit on it
for the remainder of his days?

has the mathematics
that summed him up into
less and not equal to a man
been taken as a tautological truth?

there is so much that need to get done.

there is so much that he could be doing

instead of sitting around
punch drunk laughing
whino crying
bum fighting and
day after day
wasted dying

as I started this piece
I said sometimes
but even that
is way too much.


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