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poem of the week: things you must do
September 21, 2013, 6:15 pm
Filed under: self reflection

things you must do
(C) 2013 by margaux delotte-bennett

you must
greet the day
with the sheer majesty that it deserves

the sun and moon
did a somersault as they rotated into now
it was never promised to you
but you bore witness
thus requiring a measure of humble gratitude

your arms should be held wide
to embrace the opportunities
that will fall like diamonds
at your feet
shining products of darkness and pressure
and refined

your eyes need to be
opened and stretched
so that they can take in the vision
that you are manifesting
with each blink
your lashes fashioned into paint brushes
that stroke the horizon
of your world

the life you hope for
will escape you
if you are not ready and willing
to welcome it today

I only speak this way because I know
I know


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wonderful awakening poem + the intro is so smooth it takes one right into the experience

Comment by

I absolutely ❤️ your marriage of words. POWERFULL. I’m InSpired! Thank You Beautiful Queen. 👏✌️🎤

Comment by Mahoganee

Thanks Mohaganee! You are a daily inspiration to many, including me! Thanks for the <3!

Comment by kinkywaves

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