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napowrimo challenge: 26 & 27 of 30
April 27, 2013, 10:33 pm
Filed under: DC life

this challenge is kicking my poetic behind, but there are only 3 more days to go. onward!


at today’s poetry workshop
© 2013 by margaux delotte-bennett

every teacher
needs an opportunity
to fabulously fail

a bold faced reminder
that all triumphs
must be hard earned

an occasion
to remember that nothing
should be forced

agendas lacking flexibility
serves no one’s muse

and students
will learn when they are ready
and not
one moment


her name is HOPE
© 2013 by margaux delotte-bennett

her open penetrating eyes
have observed pain effortlessly.

help, often promised efficiently,
hurts, oppresses, punishingly enrages.

her open penetrating eyes
heeds opportunity presented everywhere.

healthy observation, potential enlightenment

heart open. purpose engaged.


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