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poem of the week: what she deserves
March 16, 2013, 12:53 am
Filed under: DC life, women

i volunteered and worked for calvary women’s services here in Washington, DC for 10 years.  you can imagine that i think they are pretty amazing when it comes to providing services for homeless women.  i am hoping to facilitate some poetry workshops with the ladies some time soon in preparation for an upcoming fundraiser.  here is a piece inspired by calvary’s new home, which you can see for yourself at their next open house.  details can be found here.


what she deserves (a poem for Calvary Women’s Services)
© 2013 by margaux delotte-bennett

she deserves a place
a place of her own
her beauty reflected in walls
masterfully constructed
to hold and protect her dreams
until they are strong enough
to boldly spread their new wings

she deserves a space
a space filled with light
a light that dwells within as well as
that which bubbles out
when she is well fed
well rested
and served well
a light well tended can shine
that much more bright

she deserves to trace
to trace a path of her own
that may have started out rocky
with sudden twists and scary turns
but now settles into a pattern
of tiny triumphs and delights
for things conquered and finally controlled

there is so much that she deserves
simply for daring to open her eyes today
in spite of all that yesterday threw in her face

simply for daring to survive
through the torture
in lieu of the hate

she deserves a home
a home away from home
because when she finally returns there
she deserves
to stay.


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the “standout” stanza,
to me,
is the one about light…

Comment by j.

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