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poem of the week and a publishing update!
March 8, 2013, 11:28 pm
Filed under: self reflection

so, i didn’t want the week to end before i posted a poem! trying to adhere to my self imposed deadline…
I also wanted to announce that one of my poems has been published in an online travel and literary magazine called outside in! You can read the publication here.


when a poet receives a poem
© 2013 by margaux delotte-bennett

is not the right word
to describe the heart-wide opening
that emerges to receive an item
that one knows intimately
how it is made

the choices
and possible regrets
followed by the inevitable hope that
what was decided
flows as smoothly
as what is deserved

I have played with words
ordered them in ways to make hearts swell
and say that which my lips
were too shy to utter

I have sorted through the clutter
and looked for synonyms that were not cliché
metaphors that painted pictures
with broad brushstrokes of meter and rhyme

I have taken my time
to make sure my thoughts willingly inhabited
a space
once blank and silent
now filled with a turn of phrase created
just for you

I too have crafted poems and gifted them

and so your offering
is that much sweeter

your words
that much more sublime


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Yay for the online publication! It looks pretty interesting. I will read other pieces as I get the time. This poem is great too. I wish I could write a poem and then I could give it to you. . .

Comment by mh

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