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poem of the week: lamplight’s lament
February 5, 2013, 9:18 pm
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lamplight’s lament
© 2013 by margaux delotte-bennett

I set the mood
once I am allowed to

you have to turn me on
allow me to work in the ways I was designed to
when I’m not plugged in
there is nothing I can do
to help either of us

the shape I’m in affects so much
and what you fill me with determines
what comes out

be it psychedelic, black lit hues
compact environmental efficiency
or whatever was on sale last week
all determine what you might reap

I throw light willingly
I also throw shade
I allow things to come into view
or hide within the darkness
shadows hover around me
but never too close
or for too long

I glow from the center of my core
I can’t help but shine
I can serve your needs
whatever they may be
if you take the time to address mine

my power is in your hands
and you sometimes don’t know what to do with it
as you come and go
sit and/ or stand
but I know
I have a purpose that I was meant to fulfill
help me to
help you to


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nikki g. has a poem about boxes;
for some reason i am thinking
of that poem as i re-read yours.
maybe it’s the tone…(?)

(…from “cotton candy on a rainy day?)

i like.

Comment by j.

…definitely diggin
the last 2stanzas, best.

what appliance could i be?

Comment by j.

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