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poem of the week: was a labor of love!
January 11, 2013, 10:47 pm
Filed under: DC life

i have been struggling with a cold all week and a lot of my free time was spent… feeling sick. i wrote a song, but i didn’t think it cut it for the poem of the week. today’s poem struggled through me, but finally took shape. i started it months ago, revisited it a few weeks ago and decided that i needed to ‘finish’ it this evening. i know that there are more places where the type of urban jousting i speak about happens and i would love to hear your thoughts. this piece is not complete and ends a bit abruptly.  constructive feedback is always appreciated.


untitled #11013 (the joust)
© 2013 by margaux delotte-bennett

divides by race and class retreat
even become obsolete
in certain points in time
modern day jousting in the urban landscape
as commerce dictates
the crossing of paths

we tread
diversity’s unchartered waters
mixing and mingling
sometimes incurring wrath as we try to get our needs met
in ways that are suitable to our tastes
even if it scoffs in the face of
how things get done

it is in the post office
where gentrifier and displaced
come face to face
as p.o. boxes open and close
keys change hands as contents shift and
AJ Wright circulars morph into catalogues from West Elm

no one is really at the helm
but the changes do seem to be orchestrated
part and parcel of an urban plan
that is neither urbane to this town
or well

as we scan various zoning clauses that close supermarkets
and open garages and liquor stores
and score of shops that don’t sustain our lives
but provide the playing field
never level
on which the next match
to the death
is won.


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