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poem of the week: what radars can inspire
November 28, 2012, 10:16 pm
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binah and i hosted sunday scribes this past sunday and i am always thankful for the dedicated space to write and muse and connect. one of our monthly rituals is to pick random words from a bag and use the words as inspiration for our opening free writing activity.  Invariably, someone picks the word radar from the pack.  this week is was me and this is where it took me (btw, i also picked the word bites.) i made a few edits this evening…


what radars can inspire
© 2012 by margaux delotte-bennett

intergalactic connections
tend to keep us in the web
radar-like vision radiates in this realm
out refracted in
then bouncing out

what have we bitten into?

how deep can we consume this space?

wider than imagination
wider than a mouth opening around new and foreign words
that bite
with star edged teeth
into our ignorance of their
proper etymology
use in context and out of line

there is no way to choose when the possibilities are infinite
scattered across the great nothingness
like nebulas
new stars birthed on the brink
of the old ones falling
the sky

the eye can only see so far
but the heart
broken open to reveal the star stuff
clogging each chamber
pumps with the rhythm of concentric circles
poised to detect the muse

and then there comes the reminder

there is no need to choose.


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