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poem of the week: an ode to open doorways
September 27, 2012, 10:43 pm
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photograph by martin eisen


an ode to open doorways
© 2012 by margaux delotte-bennett

gossamer curtains fly forward
finding free breezes on which to float
in and out defined
and redefined
by surface area in motion

the open doorway is an invitation
thinly veiled as a request
beckoning bodies to come and see
what lurks beyond

open doors anticipate
steps in
footfalls out
hope gathered in the corners
and the cracks
negative space calling because it is no longer
with a solid

and that which is dark
and just beyond sight
will become bright
as eyes adjust

and that which was expected
wanted beyond the doorway
oh so slowly come into focus
with the light.


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Yay for your poem and martins picture!

Comment by Ruth Young

An ode to open doorways made me think of the philosophical conundrum that I call the problem of dusk. Because dusk exists — and it is this gray area — it makes it impossible to discern the moment that the day ends. Does the day end when they last ray of sun stops beating on the ground you stand upon? Does the day end when you can no longer see the leaves on trees? The hand in front of your face? And when night begins is equally problematic.

Am I inside the doorway, the entering room, or the entered room…well this might be more clear than day, but certainly not always obvious.

And if we can’t have clear distinctions between night/day and room/ante-room then can we have clear distinctions between racial groups, genders, and social classes?

Comment by ryry

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