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poem of the week: her hopeful heart
August 2, 2012, 10:20 am
Filed under: love, self reflection

her hopeful heart
© 2012 by margaux delotte-bennett

she knows that hopeful hearts heal
in their time
at their pace
with the help of healthy doses of helium
heaped in balloons rigged to
turn her frown
on its head

hopeful hearts never play dead
though they appear to expire
they may tire and bruise easily
but they beat again
louder and faster
as they try to hear their rhythm reflected
try again to find their home
in a body not their own
but equally hopeful
and equally healthy
equally heart
felt and healed

hopeful hearts don’t remain sealed
for too long
the length of a song
clock hands sweeping along
past now

hopeful hearts settle down
to fortify
expand their scope

one must remember that first and foremost
these hearts are hopeful
they can be renewed
they can cope


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