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poem of the week: librotraficantes
July 27, 2012, 12:13 am
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this poem is so brand new, the ink is still wet where it was scribbled in the margins of the magazine I am reading. this new and very powerful word just jumped into my throat and out of my pen. to learn more about the movement visit

(c) 2012 by margaux delotte-bennett

rolling off my tongue
like blue glass marbles
filled with that swirling star
a word
built on the back of hatred
based on fear
has been born


a designation
sprung from legislation aimed
at quelling self actualization

Arizona House Bill 2281
is nothing if not suspect
because teaching books that
“…advocate ethnic solidarity instead of the treatment of pupils as individuals…”
is the only type of teaching that makes sense
when your mere presence
is seen as a threat
you have not been taught
that by any means necessary
you need to open your mouth
and speak your truth

when you see your experiences
reflected in books bound
passed around
deemed worthy to be taught
in your school
by your teacher
who knows you betta than yo mama sometimes!
that is when spirits rise

but when
legislation tries to shackle
young minds
refuse to
tow the line


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