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poem of the week: untitled #061212
June 13, 2012, 12:38 am
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untitled #061212
(c) by margaux delotte-bennett

you do not need to run
run away from the silence that fills your head
fills it until you are choking
on its size
and its depth
and its weight

silence will be your friend

you can wrap him in your blues
glowing brighter before they fade

you can set a table for him to cascade over
holding the space that hungrily waits
to entertain happily raised voices
forks scraping
full bellied sighs

running from silence gives him power
makes him grow heavy
when he should be light

when he should set you free

you can learn to love
learn to love the silence
as he guides you closer to your core

burning that much brighter
due to making his acquaintance
now more vast

and alive


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Compared to the triolet from the previous week, I prefer this kind of poem. The former is probably good exercise for the wordsmith in you, but it seems too constrained within arbitrary rules.

Comment by midori

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