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poem of the week: i vote with my womb
February 29, 2012, 10:31 pm
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with this being an election year, i plan to do my share to get out the vote. i am a fan of the political process, though flawed, partially because so many marched, sat in and died so that i could raise my voice and elect my representatives. this piece is a work in progress, but i wanted to share it with you as my post of the week.  critical feedback is always appreciated…


I vote with my womb
© 2012 by margaux delotte-bennett

I vote with my womb
and the freedom to choose
if and when it will becomes a home for a developing soul
it is my body and
my concern

I vote with my tongue
and the myriad of mouths
it can fill as I choose who will receive my love
recognized or unrecognized by your laws
creed and code

I vote with my skin
sun kissed brown
sometimes despised by not me
Overlooked by other than me
Un- and misrepresented by
anyone but me

I vote with my teeth
jagged edges biting into the dream of this america
we don’t have to be hungry
there is enough
and I deserve my share
and my fill

I vote with my feet
as they romp and stomp their way
along paths they are boldly making
trails not yet beaten down
tracks never straight
roads always less travelled

I vote with my heart
chambers pumping in time
bloodlines past and present
animating this body at this moment to
live life fully demanding all that is earned and owed

I vote
because my life
depends on it

did you know that yours does too?


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