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poem of the week: my writing practice
February 23, 2012, 12:08 am
Filed under: self reflection


my writing practice
© 2012 margaux delotte-bennett

once you claim you are a poet
people tend to gift you with all manner of
inspiring volumes designed just to house your creativity

here is where my poems usually reside

written in pencil or pen
(never marker)
written in stolen time (from work)
borrowed minutes (from play)
written in coffee shops, bus stops and bathroom stalls
even the mall!
where the swirl of the food court
plants a poetic line about humanity’s ever progressing plight
into my mind

any scrap of paper will do
when one of my ‘gifts’ is not on hand
takeout menus
junk mail and old workshop agendas
paper discarded and repurposed for
grammar play and syntax errors

words tumbling out in one sitting
is ideal
paper revision is usually resisted
while transferring to computer
most of the editing occurs
I transcribe each work to see if it fits

do I know the real definition?
is this the right context?
do I care?
does this term flow freely into the next?

my practice is practiced
week after week
allowing poetry to move through me
in how I think, write and speak


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