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poem of the week: en francais
February 8, 2012, 12:10 am
Filed under: DC life, love

I had a few rough drafts that i started this week, but this piece is the closest i have to a finished poem worthy enough to be shared.

sometimes when a relationship/ connection ends, all that one is left with is a poem. while this poem was being written, i was unclear if it had a particular muse/ catalyst/ proper subject because who it was about kept shifting, though the feelings remained…

I want to love you in French
© 2011 by margaux delotte-bennett

I want to love you in French
tongues tickled and tied
as we try to plant language
into the back of each others’ throats

seeds of love housed in
sacre coeurs, hearts made holy
by love in a tongue
not native to either of us
nor claimed by our mothers
this romantic language working as a bridge
over which we both tip and toe
towards the center
where we meet

in the 6th grade I began French lessons
I started to revel in the sounds of this tongue
the source of my name
the inspiration for the sultry and amorous conquests of
Pepe Le Pew
and the misnomer for the fried potatoes I have always loved
a cultural appropriation that was not quite accurate
but pervasive all the same

French came to you also by Pepe’s conquests
but on the tip of a bayonet
soon fashioned into a
baguette avec fromage or boeuf au jus

colonization led to
an official language
an African education system infiltrated by European standards
architectural motifs guiding the design of wooden balconies and verandas

I want to love you in French
with a nouveau vocabulaire, new words to describe
the feelings I am allowing myself to explore

you seem willing to teach
and I am willing to learn

Prêts à aimer
ready to love



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