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poem of the week: 3 in 10
January 25, 2012, 12:01 am
Filed under: DC life

we just started a new cycle of the teen parenting class we teach at work. i wrote this poem on saturday… it is a bit bitter sweet that we had such a great turnout.  there are a lot of young parents out there that need our support.


3 in 10
© 2012 by margaux delotte-bennett

I have not been a Christian for quite some time
but I do worship the divine
in the wombs of the teen mothers I meet

not virgin births
but equally confounding
a conception that leads to questions
outside and inside
of this young shell

well? how?
who? why?

let’s not pretend you can’t see them
huddled at the bus stop
late night pick ups from daycare

you also watch
you also stare
you also wonder what ball was dropped
and landed in the midsection of a child

was she wild?
was he old?
were they told the steps to keep themselves safe or safer?
did they care?

do you dare to ask for her blessings on Sunday
and cut her with your eyes,
spit on her in the flesh on Monday
so that someday
she won’t be your child?

3 in 10
3 in 10 will go to bed as parents after waking up as friends
3 in 10 can’t believe how quickly a childhood can end
3 in 10 is the stark message that the statistics send
to each of us working towards parenthoods that are
prepared to care for the next generation
so in need
of our guidance



*The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy reports that 3 in 10 girls in the US get pregnant at least once by age 20.*


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