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poem of the week: what is essential
January 10, 2012, 11:10 pm
Filed under: self reflection

Sunday 1/8/12 was the inaugural meeting of Second Sunday Scribes, a creative writing gathering that a dear friend and I are convening. I have always found it very fruitful to have a dedicated time and space for writing and meeting with others who want or need the same thing is wonderful. though this piece was not written on Sunday, it contains many of the phrases generated through our opening free writing exercise. each participant had to pick 2 words out of a bag and just write whatever came to mind without stopping or editing. the words i picked: essential and complete.


what is essential
© 2012 by margaux delotte-bennett

the she that is sometimes me
wants to be without fluff
without unimportant and irrelevant
wants to fill her heart and space
only with those things that
must be
need to be
belonging to the essential understanding
of who she is and where she resides

essential denotes essence
contains a truth bold enough to claim space
steps wide
is firmly rooted in nutrient rich soil
essential for the next bloom

the she that is sometimes me
knows what is important
focusing firmly on the joining of hands and hearts
or hands and hearts held open

there is a circle/ season/ cycle that is completed
by the laying on of hands
breath deeply shared
birthing elements of fire and ice
wind and rain churning
matter broken down into its essential elements

those popping bits of light are sometimes me

so too those throbbing seeds
ready to burst


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