Black & Kinky Amongst Brown Waves

poem of the week: another found poem
January 3, 2012, 11:18 pm
Filed under: travel

i was looking through my india journals and found this piece i forgot that i had written. i have a few friends travelling around India right now so the subcontinent is on my mind…


© 2007 by margaux delotte-bennett

dogs in every shape
and size
and breed, minus the pedigree

some fluffy
some with patches of fur missing due to mange

some young
some too old to move

some healthy
some with diseased and distended teats
favoring a hurt paw
missing an eye or a piece of an ear

dogs are everywhere in India
bus stands
inside train stations
in village restaurants
on temple grounds
crossing busy streets
in tombs and monuments
even on the golf course

they are neither welcomed nor spurned
neither fed nor starved
neither noticed nor overlooked

they are just there
and everywhere

fighting, sleeping, eating,
shitting, fighting, sniffing,
exploring, sleeping, barking,
having puppies, fighting puppies, peeing, eating,
being a part of the landscape
while blending in
to the point
of almost going unseen



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