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poem of the week: the test
November 11, 2011, 12:14 am
Filed under: DC life, self reflection

i started writing a poem today about the color pink (not my favorite color), but i didn’t get very far. i was walking at the time and the lines were still forming in my mind… i’m very excited for a day off tomorrow because it may allow me some time to write and regroup.

the piece i am sharing today is also a work in progress. it is funny how my understanding of a ‘finished’ piece has shifted throughout this year…


the test
(c) 2011 by margaux delotte-bennett

color lines
drawn in the sand, but still drawn
starkly marking where
one begins and one ends
outlined by fear
reinforced by ignorance
held onto because of the false security they exude

invariably (but only for a moment)
i often tense up when i see a group of
young (i can no longer claim it)
black (just like me)
males (what i am not and never shall be)

they are always up ahead
styling and profiling
one, two, three more
than me

my good-
-night is often met with a head nod
a hey
a parting of taut bodies to give me way
i speak to dispel my tension (though fleeting)
and my greeting is always responded to
i often feel like i have passed some sort of test
as i walk through

have you?


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