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lots to be thankful for!
October 12, 2011, 12:38 am
Filed under: self love, self reflection

i am currently celebrating my 36th year on this planet… for the next month! there is so much i am thankful for and i have created this list to remind me of the bounty that is my life:

36 things I am thankful for/ proud of (in no particular order):

  1. Two loving parents that I can shower with gifts
  2. A self published poetry book, and one on the way
  3. Poems published in 5 collections/ anthologies/ magazines
  4. A blog that I update weekly with new poetry
  5. Performances over the years in the Smithsonian Castle, Studio Theater, Lincoln Theater, Arena Stage, WOW Café Theatre, etc.
  6. 3 successful runs of my one woman show
  7. A social work license (moving up a level soon)
  8. A BA in political science and broadcast journalism, American University
  9. DJ and newscaster at WVAU, American University
  10. A MSW degree, Gallaudet University
  11. The ability to communicate in American Sign Language
  12. A job that I love and perform well at Sasha Bruce Youthwork
  13. Was able to get grant money renewed/ expanded
  14. A well used passport
  15. Friends that love me dearly
  16. A house that has everything that I originally wanted
  17. I have known true love
  18. Past and present membership in creative tribes (Sol y Soul, The Saartjie Project, Guerilla Poets’ Insurgency, Subdrift, etc)
  19. Savings in the bank
  20. Interned in India
  21. Created a volunteer service experience in South Africa
  22. Art teacher at St Christopher’s Shelter, South Africa
  23. Visited Australia when I was 20
  24. Freeing my tongue from fear, all of me is coming out
  25. Connection with my body and the dance found within
  26. Taking time for vacations
  27. Taking time for me
  28. Bronx Science Debate & Speech Team president
  29. Planning Auntie’s funeral and wrapping up her earthly affairs
  30. 10 years of volunteer service to Calvary Women’s Shelter
  31. Working with the women of the Young Women’s Drumming Empowerment Project
  32. Writing songs that express my truth
  33. Culinary creativity
  34. Wyoming Trek participants as a 13 year old Girl Scout
  35. Camp DeWolfe counselor
  36. College fashionista with the Polyester Liberation Organization
and  a poem that has been resisting the light…

what I’m learning

© 2011 by margaux delotte-bennett

big heart in need of shelter

shelter from the rain

not shelter as in prison

but shelter as in come in

dry off

let me get you some tea

time for party games

whiling away the hours

am I ready to commit?

I am ready to commit?

but am I, I am…


scores of doors can open for a

big heart pumping bright

the love deserved

is the love served fully

given fully

wider than imagination

broader than the big heart in need of shelter

shelter from the rain



come again


big heart pump

push out of this chest

holding on to what was

what could have been

what will never be

me and mine


purpose in time as it passes

giving passage to


creating space for



concern for all of the 4 chambers

working synchronistically

working in turn



for me and mine

do I want to possess?

I want to possess?

but I do, do I…


going and knowing

new way of seeing

the old way of being

getting ready to

openly ask for



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