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poem of the week: the part
October 1, 2011, 1:52 pm
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heartfelt greetings and salutations!

i will soon get back to my schedule of posting the poem of the week on or by tuesday evening. you may or may not have noticed that it gets posted, whenever it GETS posted, these days! there has been very little routine to my life as of late. lots of dancing, connecting with beautiful souls and preparing for my birthday next week…

this past friday morning i actually wrote 2 pieces that I have revisited/ revised today. i love waking up with enough time to spend with myself and my thoughts. i have been pretty introspective lately, so i wanted to challenge myself to write a piece that was not about me. i hope that you enjoy the results as much as i do.


the part
© 2011 by margaux delotte-bennett

I saw poetry at the back of her head
her hair neatly parted
with a visible dip
probably from when she itched
or twitched after so many moments
of stillness
little girls are not made for sitting still
getting primped
and braided up
they do it because they must
no need to always fuss
about the inevitable

the jagged part is a sign of her freedom
elongating like her bones
memories of what it used to be like years ago

the jagged part is a sign of her nature
mostly pulled together
but not perfect
mostly safe
but not sound
a veering off the straight and narrow road
to womanhood
(which is neither straight nor narrow…)

I pray her life is like the part
between her twin braids
going from beginning to end
top to bottom
but with a little side stepping
along the way


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