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poem of the week: for troy davis
September 22, 2011, 9:40 am
Filed under: DC life, media

if you have not heard about the case of Troy Davis yet, here is a video that i found to be informative and creative.

the poem that i am posting is not specifically about troy davis or about the case, but it is about the work that activists need to do. i believe that use of the death penalty is always a human rights violation. Some great fact sheets explaining why can be found here. as a country we are far away from abolishing it. thus, step by step we can and will change the system that fails to promote justice and peace…


one step
© 2002 by margaux delotte-bennett

stepping out into the possibilities
leaping on top of the dream that says
my pockets don’t need to be empty
stomach full of growls
eyes hiding my silent prayer

“maybe this empty boiling pot will lull them to sleep?”
“maybe they won’t notice that I only eat what they leave behind?”
“maybe this can plus those won’t leave them feeling empty today?”
stomach full of growls…

demanding to be seen and understood

one step for each child without lunch in school
(the programs are supposed to leave no child behind)

one step for each unpaid doctor’s bill
home remedies that we can still afford

one step for each inaccessible job readiness program
in a language or location that leaves hands ties

marching for justice with peace
a peace that can be translated into any language, gender,
socio-economic ladder without the missing rungs

one step for the churches picking up where the government has failed
one step for the communities loving, living, working together
one step for the Kensington Welfare Rights Union
one step for the Friends and Residents of Arthur Capper/Carrollsburg
one step for Amnesty International
one step for the organizations in our hearts
just waiting to be born out of this move
meant to connect us socially, politically, economically, civically,
culturally defined as
eyes open
hearts wide
hands raised in prayer
for the ones who didn’t make it to today

we are walking
we are marching
we are stepping
for our lives.


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