Black & Kinky Amongst Brown Waves

September 18, 2011, 11:44 am
Filed under: self reflection

‘wow’ is all that comes to mind when i think about my experiences over the last 2 weeks…

WOW is the name of the theater where i just finished a 2 week run of my one woman show Black & Kinky Amongst Brown Waves.

wow is what comes to mind when i think of all the collective members that helped to run the house, sell the tickets and fill the seats.

wow is what bounced around in my head as i listened to last night’s packed audience settle in, meet, reconnect and prepare for the performance.

and now that it is all over… WoW.


here is a poem that i have been struggling with over the last 3 weeks. it feels closer to finished today and i think it is a fitting piece for my wow experience…


sometimes I wonder
© 2011 by margaux delotte-bennett

they sometimes look at me in ways that say
     show off
               perennial teacher’s pet
the they that are always watching and noting right from wrong

to be honest, I am always doing something
to better you
he or she
not trying to be perfect
just trying to me
the illusion of mastery is seldom the goal

I am always striving to face
hazard to try the something new that always pops up on
my list of novel and rediscovered activities
grows constantly
my hunger is longer and wider
than my inspiration
the need to experience drives me forward
often fast approaching those tasks to be attended to ‘one day’

I often wonder why
why am I not content with what I know
what I do
where I have gone

I often wonder why
why do I need to
keep searching for what is
on the other side

I often wonder why I should even wonder
because the life I am living
is leading me upward and onward
ever expanding the boundaries of what one soul can accomplish in this life

I should leave the wondering to
the they that are always watching and noting right from wrong
I am far too busy
my truth


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Love the show, loved seeing it in NYC! You’re so many wonderful things, but of all that the show makes me think, one that stands out is how brave you are–not just for the adventures you take, but for your willingness to put it all out there. You are an inspiration to me to live more fully. Love you!

Comment by midori

my dear, sweet friend! thank you so much for your words, your support and your love. this life has so many more adventures in store for us in the future!

Comment by kinkywaves

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