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poem of the week: reaching back
July 20, 2011, 11:24 pm
Filed under: family, performance


i have had the honor of being commissioned to write 2 pieces in my poetic life. One for the wonderful Button Farm run by the Menare Foundation and one for it’s founder’s 2011 Fringe show. Tony is performing this Sunday and I will be in the audience. If you would like to join me, the information about the show can be found here.

the interesting thing is that this pieces pretty much wrote itself. i let it come through me, but once i started, it had a direction and tone all it’s own. Tony actually ends his play with my words. that’s kinda hot!


Reaching Back
© 2011 by margaux delotte-bennett

reaching back
reaching back
through blood and stories
DNA and time
holding fast to the little I know
that keeps slipping through my fingers

holding fast
walking slowly
progressive steps that lead to
seconds dripping
through cracks
fissures between the reality of
what black is and ain’t
the true essence of manhood
the roots of family trees that sometimes choke new growth
providing too much shade or

lives running on parallel paths to a freedom unknown
lives swimming through the murky understanding of purpose and place
lives joined
through bloodlines
thick with red dirt
washboards turned into mouthpieces for song
steeped with longing
hungry for grace

I want nothing more than to hold you
your face
your heart
your hand
my heart
my face
my hands no longer tied to where you have been
but to where
we both are going




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