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poem of the week: my spark
June 15, 2011, 9:28 pm
Filed under: love, performance

greetings to one and all!

this week i used one of my pieces to inspire a new poem. i have a short play call “the lie” in which Sweet Thing (from Nina Simone’s song Four Women) had a chat with one of her long time clients/ friends. Sweet Thing is explaining that she is complex, and should be viewed as such. in her own words she explains, “i am the candle holder and the flame. cyril, i am that shell that stands in front of you even when i’m tired to the bone. i’m not just holes and smell goods and ‘special’ needs.”

this piece takes that sentiment a bit further…

my spark
© 2011 by margaux delotte-bennett

as I stand before you
I am the candle and the flame
cotton wick
pigment or not
sulphur strike
phosphorous ignite
flickering stillness
beginning and end unclear
at the point of intersection
I firmly stand

I have the inherent potential
to burn your house down
have your babies run screaming into the night

in my wholeness
I have the ability to cast shadows
that kiss your face
when you settle down to a dinner
lit by me

I am utility

sometimes discarded for use
at a needed time and place

standing here
I wonder
can you see the glow
in my face?


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