Black & Kinky Amongst Brown Waves

poem of the week: soon to be titled…
June 1, 2011, 12:37 am
Filed under: family, self reflection

my herstory is just that
stories that feature her and her and her
and seldom he
the men being so free
that they often seem wholly absent
from my narrative filled with blood rich wombs
dripping with life
and possibility

there is no bashing here
just a realization
that when i try to envision my forefathers
i see holes
empty space
1-2 poignant stories in the
place of hundreds featuring
she surviving
she striving
she succeeding at raising seeds
that were positioned to excel
before they swelled into life force hungry
for more than what was in store

drip, drop, clot
blood lines running deep
she blood females wanting to jump higher
be seen
make their mark in the hearts of all
no time to stall and complain about lack

she blood males
prone to slack and contemplate
what could be
what if
taking time to sift through the stories
to find the he tinted gems
buff them up
spit, polish, shine
never mind there is only 1 or 2
diamonds are precious because
there are few

i wonder about the seed that may choose to
come through me
can this blood rich
she filled
moon guided womb
create a space for a
she blood male to truly shine?

i’m anxious to find out
but it seems i’m running out of time…


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