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Poem of the week! i still…
May 4, 2011, 12:54 am
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the NAPOWRIMO Challenge is done! i labored to write 30 poems in 30 days… i lost poem number 29 (somewhere in my house) and poem number 30 never was written. during the month there were a few days when i wrote multiple pieces, so i am content with how i finished out the challenge.

yea for me!

in other news…

The weekend of May 14th and 15th is the debut of the latest Saartjie Project creation, Four Women. we have been practicing and preparing to share our hard work exploring the themes in Nina Simone’s powerful song. The piece that i am posting today is not a part of the show, but it was inspired by it. enjoy!

i still…
(c) 2011 by margaux delotte-bennett

aunt sarah
i still smell his cologne on my skin
i was his first
so he was the worst
because he assumed that a man needed to lead
he had no idea that the seed of a woman’s passion needs to be tended and stroked
instead of just poked
though the memory is fleeting
that scent still makes me choke!

i still smell his cologne on my skin
he was trying so hard to impress
that he made such a mess of his new white shirt
when he hugged me
i saw the blue trail of
stolen smell goods over his
shoulder and down his back
though the memory is fleeting
i dig deep and bring it back…

sweet thing
i still smell his cologne on my skin
it was monday afternoon so my sign was in
i was taking some respite from their stares
painting all my nails
curling and plucking stray hairs
then up on my porch did i see
strolled a stranger with looks that surprised me
the greeting was brief
but that afternoon, what a release!
through the memory is fleeting,
it revives me.

i still smell his cologne on my skin
i scrub the side of my face
my hands
my neck
raw and welted
through i sometimes suspect
his smell is in my nose
my memory
my fear
i did everything right
but it was just my night to suffer
that’s clear…
though the memory is fleeting
it always sits near.


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Have a great show this weekend! Maybe you all will be able to take it on the road and I can catch it in NYC. . .

Comment by midori

thanks! we are very excited for the debut! we may just take it on the road. one never knows…

Comment by kinkywaves

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