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napowrimo challenge: 11 of 30
April 12, 2011, 8:58 pm
Filed under: self reflection


today i discovered that when one commits to write each day, poetry becomes a LABOR of love. more labor than love. i have never struggled through a poem. i usually follow a muse, stop, revisit, explore… but making a commitment to write each day doesn’t afford me that luxury. i will continue through the challenge, but i don’t like it. i’m certain that this is where growth resides.

the poem i started writing today felt flat, so i took the opportunity to ‘compelete’ a piece that i started before the challenge. i’m not 100% in favor of how it ends, so if you have any constructive feedback, i would really appreciate it! really.


the nest
(c) 2011 by margaux delotte-bennett

the blood does not come hard and fast
like it used to
with frequent incidents and leaks
cramps and tears
a cough induced gush
sending me to the bathroom
in anticipation of the devistation
wreaked by a high crimson tide

there was once dread
and also solace
as my womb declared

“all clear”
“no one is home”
“the nest is empty”

there were a few times over the years
when this was welcome news
because of defiance or indiscretion
passion left unchecked
a sigh of relief as i turned down that particular aisle
to make that particular purchase
deciding if i should spare or test
a young and/ or male pharmacy cashier

but i digress
because this is not a story of he
but a reflection on me
and that which holds a space
where magic happens month by month
but nothing as great as
the dividing of cells
nestled in my womb

and so i wait
until it will be my time
to declare

” gather round. this nest has become a home”


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