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NAPOWRIMO Challenge: 4 of 30
April 5, 2011, 11:52 am
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this rant is not quite finished, but i like how it’s coming along…

wake up!
(c) 2011 by margaux delotte-bennett

wake up!

your days are numbered
time is running out
there are no more chances to be had

someone didn’t get up this morning because
a bomb went off in their bed
and i can’t make any promises
that tomorrow it won’t be you

wake up!
the jokin’
the slackin’
the sleeping
the flappin’
all that shit’s got to stop

today is the day that must be seized!
get off of your knees
aim to please someone other than yourself

there are too people cramped in a room somewhere
and buildings that have been empty for years

there is a little girl being sold somewhere
as you stop to buy your coffee
her belly swollen and empty
as a food truck heads towards a landfull

there are people so hungry to be seen
that they will fuck, suck, smoke, choke
their way to an early grave
and all you can think to save is your own ass?

wake up!

there is no getting through tomorrow
with your eyes


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