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Poem of the Week: Honoring the Man Up Campaign
February 1, 2011, 11:16 pm
Filed under: performance, women

last summer i had the honor of going to South Africa (again!) to work with the over 100 delegates of the Man Up Campaign. Man Up is a global campaign to activate youth to stop violence against women and girls.  how will that happen? by supporting the innovation, motivation and activism of young men and women already working to change their communities for the better.

this post ends with a great video that explains why and how violence against women can become a thing of the past.

words 2010 (a reprise) © 2010 by margaux delotte-bennett

if you don’t have a vagina

it may be hard to understand

how the words “you’re a fine looking woman”

and instantly turn from a phrase to seduce into a noose

snaking it’s way around my “oh, so long and pretty”

snappable neck

these words aren’t always said to pick me up

lift me up

but to hold me up

face to the wall

legs spread

juices [hopefully] flowing

who gave them the power?

who gave you the power?

it certainly wasn’t me who taught Zeus

that rape and seduce are synonymous

or taught the soldiers

that if you can’t take it by air, take it by sea

or taught some men that

no means no can only be registered on a level that

dogs unconditionally understand…

and who am I to knock flattery

because apparently a person

who’s staring at me

can’t help but recognize a queen

and when I serenely avoid the advances

I have to take my chances

with being called stuck up

or fucked up

or a bitch

and all because I don’t want you?

I wish I could shake you and make you overstand

the power that you wield as a man

and why are you using that

power to post on the corner

to size up women the likes of me

who can plainly see

this really ain’t where you need to be

so use your words

more wisely.


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