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Poem of the Week: Celebrating Robert Burns!
January 24, 2011, 10:51 pm
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this weekend i attended my first Robert Burns Dinner, replete with fancy frocks and vegetarian Haggis. it was a celebration of the well loved and prolific Scottish poet Robert Burns.  a proper bio can be found here.  i did not know much about Burns’ work, but celebrating poets is always a great reason for a party!

here is an excerpt of the Burns poem i shared during the dinner.

To The Weavers Gin Ye Go   by Robert Burns, 1788

My heart was ance as blithe and free

As simmer days were lang;

But a bonie, westlin weaver lad

Has gart me change my sang.


Chorus.-To the weaver’s gin ye go, fair maids,

To the weaver’s gin ye go;

I rede you right, gang ne’er at night,

To the weaver’s gin ye go.




the full text of the poem can be found here.  (i’m feeling a bit hyperlink happy today…)


The following poem is what reading Burns inspired me to create. i also shared this poem at the party at it was well received. enjoy!

a meditation on Burns’ Weavers
© by margaux delotte-bennett

we too weave
this life we lead
the loom of you will stand e’er on
when your last sneeze
or breath or yawn
is caught cascading in thin air
like loosed threads
or fur
or hair

what of the knots and burr filled bits?
just woe and sorrow
the harder knits that lengthen days
into the morrow

but no, for shame
knots can not claim
to o’re shadow the whole
of first breath to last
spin, dance and kneel bow
as shuttle and yarn glide too and fro
memories are made
trials won
hearts joined full and swift ‘fore the setting sun

indeed we too weave this life we lead
the loom of you will stand e’er on
create a spool of joy and song
gently blanketing your days
here and yon.


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