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January 18, 2011, 11:26 pm
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most mornings i walk through the home depot parking lot to get to the metro. there are always men waiting. this is a poem for them because it is all that i really have to offer…
(thank you to Rose for the late night feedback!)


for the men always waiting in the Home Depot parking lot
© 2010 by margaux delotte-bennett

is patience the salve with which you massage your tired feet?
hope, the elixir to soothe your hips and back
stiff from standing?
what does work taste like after waiting
1, 10, 29 days?
and hunger,
does it push you out of bed, wrap your scarf around your face
neck and head
blow hot breath on your numb fingers?

do the brothers and others that surround you
put you more at ease or on edge?
do you want or need them to join you
to trust or be trusted?
how do you decide where to stand to look eager,
but not too eager
but not too ready
able to follow designs, directions, demands?

sadly, I have no jobs to offer
only a dream for an end to this meat market
may it go the way of slave auction blocks
or lines of black women
waiting for a mistress with a tired look and a dirty house
I see no end in sight for underemployment
forced migration
but I can dream

sadly, there seldom is work
only a prayer for less wind and more opportunities
and a simple poem
to help pass the time


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I love it, Margaux. What a struggle it must be to be a day laborer.

Comment by Farah

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