Black & Kinky Amongst Brown Waves

Poem of the Week: Forecast
January 11, 2011, 12:32 am
Filed under: self reflection

i dropped into SubDrift for the open mic this evening and shared this brand new piece…

forecast © by margaux delotte-bennett

snowed in
a blizzard blankets the city of my birth
water fashioned into flakes
slicked into ice
showing no mercy
forcing all eyes and minds to focus

as I ponder the definition of inclement weather
I wonder how I too have been

like a cloud filled sky my eyes also darken at times
and words sometimes come out in
drips or torrents
and in a flash my thundering laugh
I’ve been likened to a twister on the dance floor
salt water dripping
sometimes a tear moves down my cheek left streaked
like a window pane
old folks say salt water heals
the ocean, tears, sweat
I am monsoon
a hurricane of possibilities
stormy weather is my name

ideas whip around
my stomach rumbles
my stories
dreams humidly cling to the air

I’m flooded with the potential of the many mes that exist in this fluid flesh

some gentle drizzles or sun showers
others raging wind and sideways rain
unsettling people and things
making them take notice like this travel day blizzard

like all good water
I too find my level
spiraling downwards
rippling from my center
out towards my edge
and in time I too will cease to be
evaporate into yesterday’s thoughts
vaporize into tomorrow’s sea


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