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Poem of the Week: The Special Joy Blues
January 4, 2011, 11:55 pm
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the poet and the muse…

this summer i had the wonderful opportunity to participate in an art show called Soul Revival.  Poets were given a piece of visual art to use as a muse for a new creation.  The show was conceived and curated by Sharon J. Burton, the founder of Authentic Contemporary Art.

I was assigned a painting by a woman named J’nell Jordan entitled Mirage and I was immediately struck by the colors and the story i saw depicted in the piece.  here is the painting followed by the piece it inspired…



The Special Joy Blues © 2010 margaux delotte-bennett

there is a special joy in being seen

we tend to glow in hopes that someone will catch our light

spot the “may I?” and the “might…”

that lingers behind our eyes

dances across our parted lips

wraps itself in the folds of color draped on our hips

or resting between shoulder blades hungry to be kissed

there is a special joy in being seen…


there is a special joy in being touched

the skin may first recoil

but only enough to invite another



back handed caress

goose bumps read like Braille on a heaving chest

we share this space by choice

you want me to be near

I want you to be here when the morning comes

the sum of our parts is a little less

when I and I folds into we

our breath in time

you are all I see

there is a special joy in you touching me


when my eyes open

and my skin is cold

and I roll over into the space that you once did hold

there is no special joy

there is no special

there is no

there is



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