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poem of the week: the dance
December 30, 2010, 12:34 am
Filed under: family

memories of my niece…

the dance (c) by margaux delotte-bennett

we have this elegant dance
you stand before me
arms outstretched
looking in the direction you want me to take you
next it’s my turn to look and not respond

your protest
a whimper with the power to tear my heart in two
is paired with arms stretched even further
and eyes so blue
not in hue
but in mood

i take my cue to lift you up
shower you with kisses
and turn that whimper into laughter
laughter full of knowing
laughter full of a maturity beyond your years

we practice this dance whenever i see you
not nearly enough when you change every day
a new word
another inch
an discovered game just waiting to be born

when you are in my arms
little one
i know that i can keep you safe
nothing can hit you
nothing can scare you
you will not be ignored

oh, how we dance!
shuffling through activities to expand your mind
dipping you in bath water the right temperature for play
leading you to bed
because, yes
it’s time to rest

your little frame can only carry so much
but it has already surpassed its ration
so now it is my turn
to lift you up
shower you with kisses
and turn that whimper
into joy


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I wish I was your niece.
Then peace would rendezvous with me and you.

Comment by Gerry

Love it. Especially since I’m madly in love with my little niece too!

Comment by mh

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