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a poem a week: wildness…
December 21, 2010, 11:59 pm
Filed under: love

here is an older piece that i have never shared before…

wildness (c) 2005 by margaux delotte-bennett

i am attracted to wildness, but
i guess most people are
that frenetic, unchained, rawness of right now
right here
i live to forget the fear and run free
i want to wash myself in the savagely splashing waters of a spirit uncontrolled
i want nothing more than the moment we share
in this day
under these circumstances

because if i hold too tight
you might burst into the particles of light
that make up this manifestation of you
i know all this
i breathe all this
but love is like a vice
an itch that can’t be scratched
love is like a vise
the one in wood shop that makes
it easier to turn unruly things into
hand worked masterpieces

maybe that is why i always like sculptures that were bigger than me

because i assumed that they had some control over the situation

special tools needed to be made to create them
rather than the other way around

wildness is as wildness was
and i’ve been bit
i’ve had to sit and shake off the shock of a piercing pain in the heart
because of a well aimed mental dart
or a forked tongue
but still i run through the streets to feel than anguish again
and again

it’s not as simple as wanting bad girls or bad boys
wildness in more alive
it stirs inside the very core of my being

i guess it’s really about letting the wildness tame me

letting the wildness tame you…


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I like that, Margaux. Feels like Whitman.

Thoreau said “in wildness is the preservation of the world” and maybe, like you, he was referring to a bigger wildness than simply the natural world.

Comment by James Beck

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